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Help your student feel confident to take any AP exam with our AP exam prep service! Prepare your student as best they can be, and you’ll both be happy about the time and money your student saves by avoiding an unnecessary course in college.

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SAT Tutoring

The SAT is an important test for your student’s college career. Even a small increase in their score can be the difference between acceptance into a school or not, as well as the size of their scholarship award. We’ll prepare your student with test taking techniques, as well as studying in the necessary areas.

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ACT Tutoring

The ACT can make a huge difference in how your student begins college, and where. Our ACT tutors know how to avoid wasting precious time while taking the test, and are knowledgeable in each area of the exam.

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K - 12

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Homework Help

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Khagola Classes


Khagola Classes
Khagola Classes

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